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  • Personal Injury Cases

    Personal Injury Cases

    When an individual suffers injury through the actions of another, whether a car accident, medical malpractice, a faulty product or other negligent act, it is important that the legal aspects of the situation are addressed by a competent and experienced personal injury attorney.

Medina County Personal Injury

  • Personal Injury

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    Personal injury lawsuits are complex legal matters that can take an extensive period of time to resolve. In some cases, the lawsuit will go to court for a final judgment. Others are settled more quickly, based on the degree of the injury and the determination of liability. When these are clear, such as in cases of drunk driving accidents and the responsible party has been criminally charged and convicted, the case may proceed rather quickly. In cases in which the liability for the accident is contested, it can become more complex. In medical malpractice cases, it can be a long process unless the malpractice is extremely clear to all involved. In other cases, it may take extensive investigation and experts to determine that the medical professional had been negligent. Even so, the case could still go to court.

    Personal Injury Attorney in Medina County

    I have extensive experience in preparing claims for compensation in even the most serious of injury cases. In less severe accidents, such as minor fender benders in which a victim suffered whiplash, bruising or other painful injury, it is no less vital to have legal representation. When seeking fair and full compensation, every type of loss and damage must be fully addressed in a comprehensive claim filed for the injured client. We understand the process and how insurance companies operate, and can help the client in resolving these matters to their benefit.

    Many insurance companies prefer that those seeking claims do not have an attorney and often try to dissuade them from hiring an attorney. They claim that the injured victim will lose money to the attorney, and that the claim will be more easily settled directly. In fact, most cases result in a much higher settlement when an attorney manages the case, and insurance companies are fully aware that this is the case. We advise anyone who has suffered an injury through negligence to contact our legal team and determine what your legal options are with regard to your claim.

  • Bicycle Accidents

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    Many Medina residents enjoy biking, and children can be seen throughout the warmer months riding their bikes to and from their chosen destinations. As our population grows, there are more cars, trucks and other vehicles on the road, posing a serious hazard to bicyclists. We have had an increase in dangerous and deadly bicycle accidents, especially in cases in which the driver of the vehicle was drunk, using a cell phone, speeding or simply unaware that a bike rider was nearby. Unfortunately, many of these accidents cause very serious injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries, fractures, and in some cases, crushed limbs as the driver after hitting the bicyclist, runs over them with their vehicle. Any such case should be addressed legally with the help of a Medina County personal injury lawyer who can assist in seeking compensation for the damages suffered in the case.

    When you or a loved family member has been the victim of driver negligence in a bicycle accident, the first and most important concern is the recovery and health of the injured. As the injuries can be very severe, the recovery time can be extensive. Sadly, in some cases, the victim suffers permanent injuries, such as brain damage or spinal injuries resulting in paralysis. Their lives are forever altered; the future is full of challenges and difficulties. These tragic cases cause the families of the victim great emotional turmoil and under such conditions, it may be difficult to consider the legal aspects of the case. In fact, this can be very important to the health of the injured, as the financial compensation received in the case can provide for the most current treatments and new treatments as they become available.

    I can assist in filing a lawsuit or claim on behalf of the injured. This legal action helps the victim and their families in resolving financial concerns related to the accident. Each case must be fully evaluated to determine what types of damages will be named in the lawsuit. In less serious cases, the claim may include medical costs, loss of wages, future wage loss and pain and suffering, among others. In cases in which the injuries are severe, there will be further damages claimed as the victim will suffer long term effects from the accident.

  • Car Accidents

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    Thousands of individuals throughout our country suffer serious injuries in car accidents every day. These injury accidents can be rollover accidents or rear-end accidents, but they often entail some sort of injury to the driver and passengers. Recovering from such injuries is expensive and requires time and for some who sustain serious injuries, they may never return to the healthy condition they enjoyed prior to the accident. If you have sustained an injury in a car accident, your efforts need to concentrate on the healing process. Meanwhile a Medina County personal injury lawyer can analyze all the factors in your situation and put together a well-researched claim so that seeking the benefits you deserve to pay for your expensive medical care, lost wages, pain and suffering and other damages.

    I have experience in addressing auto accident injury claims and can be your representative and tough negotiator. Insurance companies can be difficult to deal with and can demand substantiation that requires time and expertise to assemble. I can provide sound support for all the claims we make on your behalf with the goal of ensuring that you are correctly compensated for your injuries, no matter their extent.

    Car Accident Attorney Serving Ohio

    Traveling on our roads and highways is dangerous when negligent drivers are in the area. When you consider that millions of drivers are driving without insurance, are impaired by drugs or alcohol, are distracted, have suspended licenses, are ill, or are just plain not abiding by the rules of the road, you have countless situations that are ripe for an accident. Auto accidents are frequently caused by negligent and irresponsible drivers who should not be behind the wheel. These are factors we can take into account when evaluating your case.

    When you have been injured in a car accident, you need legal help. I am ready to help you assemble the evidence and data you need to get the compensation you require to recover from your injuries and get on with your life.

  • Dog & Animal Attacks

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    Pet owners have the responsibility to properly care for the pets, including training them to be safe around other people. Unfortunately, many pet owners either do not take the time or feel it is too expensive to properly train their dog, and the result can be a vicious animal that is a danger to all those in the neighborhood or who may be passing through. If a dog owner has not trained their dog and it attacks an innocent person, they will be held liable for the damages suffered in the incident. It is important that you contact a Medina personal injury lawyer to assist you with the legal process related to seeking compensation for damages after a dog or animal attack.

    Dog Bite and Animal Attack Lawyer in Medina

    In some cases, another animal may attack an innocent victim. This can include almost any type of animal that for some reason, feels threatened and harms a human being. There have been attacks by horses, cows, and wild animals that are kept as pets, as well as many other types of animals that have taken place over the years. Most animal attacks are related to dangerous biting dogs, and certain breeds have proven to be particularly dangerous to humans. Dog bites can cause severe infections, facial lacerations and punctures, scalp wounds and disfiguring injuries. Some young children and even adults have lost their lives in a very severe incident. As children are so much smaller, the injuries they suffer can be terrible, and may take years of reconstructive surgeries to attempt to resolve.

    When you or a loved one has suffered an animal attack that resulted in an injury, it is important that you act as quickly as possible in contacting a Medina County Attorney, The evidence and documentation in such cases is vital in the claims process, and our legal team can ensure that all the proper evidence is obtained for the claim or lawsuit that will be filed against the owner of the vicious animal. Your civil lawsuit can help in ensuring that others in the area will not suffer the same kind of injury.

  • Fire & Burn Claims

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    There are a number of types of dangerous accidents that can result in serious fires and burn injuries. These include car accidents, truck accidents, gas explosions, electrical fires and others. When an individual suffers burn injuries, the recovery is usually extremely painful and severe burns result in permanent and disfiguring scars. Such cases require the skilled assistance of a New Hampshire personal injury attorney to assist in filing a lawsuit or claim to recover compensation for damages. Severe burns require many surgeries and the process often lasts years, causing great pain and loss for the injured. When permanent scarring results, the individual can face great challenges in their future, and when seeking compensation, this must be fully addressed in the lawsuit filed on their behalf.

    Fire and Burn Cases in Ohio

    When a faulty electrical system or fuel system causes a fire, the company that provided the system is often found liable for the loss of property and injuries to the victims. Fires are far too common in Ohio, and in many cases it is discovered that a faulty part or fuel system was the cause of the incident. In such cases, a claim will be filed against the company that provided the service, and all forms of damages suffered in the case will be fully addressed in a comprehensive demand for compensation.

    Many car and truck accidents result in severe burn injuries to innocent victims, and in such cases it is vital to the future of the injured that they receive fair and full compensation for damages. They will be facing the tragic consequences of a negligent or dangerous driver, and the injuries and other damages they have suffering should be recovered through a claim or lawsuit. The damages usually include all medical costs, rehabilitation costs, pain and suffering as well as any future financial losses or punitive damages when criminal negligence has been found to have been the cause of the injury accident.

  • Injuries to Children & Minors

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    Children are naturally daring, inquisitive and active. They must be carefully watched in their younger years, as they may venture into areas that are unsafe purely out of curiosity. When they get into danger while they were under the care of another, this is likely a case of negligence. This can include injuries that occur at preschool, at primary school, on playgrounds or in the neighborhood on another's property. If a neighbor has an area that is hazardous to children, such as a swimming pool or other danger, it is important that children are protected from injury. Children who are suffering serious injuries through negligence is a terrible and emotional situation, and I take on such cases determined to assist with the child's future by seeking compensation for damages through a civil lawsuit or claim.

    Children's Injury Lawyer in Medina, OH

    When a low settlement is offered for a serious injury, it is tragedy upon tragedy. It can be difficult to believe, but in fact, insurance companies can try to reduce valid claims, even when an injured child is involved. I am determined to fight for the rights of the injured and to seek fair compensation for damages, depending upon the degree of injury suffered by the child.

    Some children's injuries are related to a medical error or accident. A child could have been misdiagnosed when suffering from an illness, and a failure to identify the illness leads to severe damage. Cases of spinal meningitis or other illness can have long term effects on the child, and the doctor involved may have failed to diagnose a symptom that they should have identified. Each case is unique and must be reviewed. I am prepared to analyze the situation and advise the family how the case should proceed. I am personally involved in the case and will assist the family throughout the process, always keeping the best interests of the child as our utmost concern.

  • Liquor Liability

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    Those that provide alcohol to patrons have the responsibility to their customers when they appear to have reached a state of dangerous inebriation. When they fail to do so, it is possible that a claim could be filed to recover damages related to an accident, illness or death that resulted from the alcohol consumption. With a thorough review of the case, I can advise you how to proceed with your case. There have been countless tragic cases in which a young person was allowed to consume too much alcohol and later got involved in a fatal or severe injury accident, or was hospitalized due to alcohol poisoning. These cases are terrible and frightening for the injured and their families, and when loss of life has occurred after negligence in serving alcohol, it is likely that a lawsuit can be filed against the negligent party.

    Medina County Liquor Liability Attorney

    Each case has specific evidence and degree of injury or other damages; every aspect of the situation must be fully evaluated to determine what can be done legally. If the alcohol was served in a private home and then the victim was allowed to leave while obviously severely intoxicated and got in an accident, there is the possibility that a claim can be filed against the individual who provided the alcohol to the injured.

    Such cases require extensive documentation and witness statements and testimony, and must be carefully prepared and filed. I am experienced in seeking compensation for damages in liquor liability cases, and is prepared to review your case and advise you as to the best course of action legally. It is vital that action is taken quickly, as it becomes more difficult to find certain witnesses over time, and their statements can be critical to the outcome of the case.

  • Medical Malpractice

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    Medical malpractice occurs when a medical professional fails to provide the degree of medical care expected of them due to negligence, incompetence, errors, misdiagnosis, or other reasons. These situations can cause devastating results to those affected, such as overmedication leading to severe side effects, incorrect or substandard surgeries, treatment for the wrong condition, and in the most tragic cases, loss of life. A Medina personal injury lawyer can evaluate your circumstances to determine the merits of your case. Medical malpractice cases can be quite complex and normally require medical experts and testimony to assess the treatment that was given in order to determine if negligence occurred.

    I am a knowledgeable lawyer who has successfully represented many clients in medical malpractice cases. When you or a loved one has suffered because of inadequate medical care, you may be entitled to compensation for your damages. If you believe you or a loved one has been the victim of medical malpractice, it is critical that you contact the firm to discuss your case as soon as possible after the incident.

    Compensation for Your Injuries

    Due to the severity of medical malpractice injuries and illnesses, the treatments needed to attempt to resolve the subsequent condition can be very costly, such as additional surgeries, emergency care for infections, or extensive rehabilitation. If negligence can be proven, you may be entitled to recover all of your medical costs caused by the medical malpractice, lost wages if you were unable to work during this time period pain and suffering or other damages, based on your circumstances. I understand what a difficult time this is for a family who has suffered from incompetent medical care. No one should have to suffer injury, illness or permanent harm from negligent medical treatment. I can assist you in the necessary legal action that is so important in such cases.

  • Motorcycle Accidents

    Contact Me Now About Your Mortorcycle Accident Case

    When a vehicle collides with a motorcycle, the consequences are most often far more severe for the rider than for the driver and passengers of the car. Unlike passenger cars, motorcycles offer no vehicular protection at all. The rider is usually ejected and the resulting impact when another car, the pavement, a guard rail or some other object is hit causes serious injuries and sometimes death. If you are trying to recover from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident, you may be facing lifelong medical conditions that will require repeated surgeries, rehabilitation, medications, and personal caregivers, not to mention inability or reduced ability to work. You need to contact a Medina personal injury lawyer for help. I can analyze the circumstances of the accident and prepare a claim on your behalf. You may be entitled to compensation for all the injuries you have suffered, including lost wages, pain and suffering and ongoing medical treatment.

    Driver Negligence Causes Motorcycle Accidents

    It is a fact that drivers of passenger cars sometimes find it difficult to accommodate other types of vehicles on the road. The insulating characteristics of most vehicles today make drivers feel like they travel in an impregnable cocoon. With the windows rolled up, the music blaring and the distractions of cell phones and text messaging, inattentive drivers can be inconsiderate of others, unaware of other vehicles or just plain disobeying the laws of the road. The resulting accidents of such driver negligence can be catastrophic to motorcyclists. With expert resources, I am able to assemble the evidence that insurance companies inevitably require substantiating your claims for injuries suffered.

    I can get the true information and wage a serious campaign to get you what you need to recover from your injuries

  • Slip & Fall Accidents

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    Many don't realize how dangerous a slip and fall accident can be until they suffer one themselves. Not only can severe injuries occur, even in minor cases serious bruising, sprains, strains and other painful injuries can result. In more serious cases, many have suffered catastrophic injuries such as traumatic brain injuries or spinal injuries resulting in paralysis. If you or a family member has been injured in such a case, it is important to get legal representation from a Medina personal injury attorney. I have extensive knowledge and experience in slip & fall cases , and can advise you how to proceed with a claim seeking compensation for your injuries.

    Slip & Fall Injury Lawyer in Ohio

    If you have suffered a slip & fall or trip & fall accident, it is important that you immediately get medical attention, especially in cases in which the head has hit the floor or street with a heavy impact. Some do not realize that they have bleeding in the brain and can suffer severe damage if medical intervention isn't immediately taken. Even in cases when you don't feel that you are injured, you may feel severe effects the following day or day after the fall. In some cases, the painful injury makes it impossible to work until the condition resolves, and the claim filed on your behalf must reflect your loss of income and cover all medical costs, among other damages.

    I am proud of my support for member of our community who have suffered injury accidents that are caused by negligence; our legal system allows for such claims, and the outcome can be very important to the injured. Slippery and icy sidewalks, wet floors, walking hazards in commercial buildings or even in private homes can cause severe and dangerous injuries, and our legal team is prepared to assist. Seeking compensation for damages is made easy for our clients as we gather the vital documentation and evidence and file a professional and comprehensive claim that will reflect all the damages suffered in the case.

  • Worksite Injuries

    Contact Me Now About Your Worksite Injury Case

    Many professions have inherent dangers to the employees. Construction sites have some of the most serious daily hazards to the workers, and have the highest rate of injury of any profession. Even when safety procedures are carefully maintained, accident can suddenly occur with tragic ramifications to innocent victims. Cases of ladder falls, equipment malfunctions, electrical injuries, scaffolding collapses or falls, trench collapses and other disasters can result in severe injury or death. In any such case, it is strongly advised that you contact a Medina County personal injury lawyer who is familiar with such claims and can assist in seeking fair compensation for the injured worker or their families.

    Worksite Injury Attorney in Medina

    When an injured loved one is fighting for their lives under medical care, it may be almost impossible to consider the legal matters surrounding the case. This can be an urgent matter, however, as the medical costs, rehabilitation and other treatment is going to be expensive. Workers compensation is there to provide for injured workers, but the compensation may not be adequate to pay for medical care and provide for the family whose breadwinner is now injured and not able to make a living. In many jobsite accidents, there were contributing factors that could allow for a third party claim. These include cases in which equipment failure caused the accident, or a faulty tool or failure of some vital part that resulted in the injury. When another company has failed to properly maintain equipment, or has provided faulty equipment, the case may need to include the manufacturer as a liable party in the lawsuit.

    I have helped countless individuals in resolving the matter of a claim for compensation in cases of injury accidents that occurred in the workplace. The outcome of the claim is so important to the injured and their families that we make the case a priority. If you or a loved one has been injured on the job, contact our firm evaluate the case and advise you how to move forward with a claim.

  • Wrongful Death

    Contact Me Now About Your Wrongful Death Case

    When you lose a loved one in an accident, nothing can be more devastating to a family. Picking up the pieces afterward, many find that there are many financial issues that result from their loss. Sadly, the reality is that medical costs prior to death, funeral expenses and the loss of support that person provided can result in a serious financial burden for the family. As part of the immediate family of a person killed in an accident caused by someone else's negligence or harmful intentions, you may be eligible for compensation for your losses. Spouses, siblings, parents and children are entitled to file wrongful death claims after having lost a loved one.

    Many different types of circumstances can result in a wrongful death situation. Car accidents, work related accidents or accidents occurring at someone else's premises may all qualify if negligence or harmful intent occurred. To find out if you qualify for a wrongful death claim, contact a Medina personal injury attorney.

    Consult With a Wrongful Death Lawyer in Medina County

    Suffering from the loss of a loved one is a tragedy that no amount of money can replace. But being able to recover compensation for your loss can go far towards alleviating the financial situation you may find yourself in. I understand the difficulties you are going through and are committed to fighting for your rights to compensation against those who caused your loss. With years of experience helping our clients with wrongful death claims, you can be certain that I will be effective in presenting your claim.

Andrew M. Korduba - Medina County Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury Lawyer in Medina County

When an individual suffers injury through the actions of another, whether a car accident, medical malpractice, a faulty product or other negligent act, it is important that the legal aspects of the situation are addressed by a competent and experienced personal injury attorney. I can assist Medina residents with these vital legal matters. We are here to protect your legal rights in the wake of an incident that may have left you suffering from serious physical injuries, emotional trauma or the loss of a loved one.